10 Ways to Avoid Covid-19 Cabin Fever - Even In A Pinch

10 Ways to Avoid Covid-19 Cabin Fever

Picnic outside

"Quarantine, social distancing, contactless, uncertain times"... these are just a few of the words and phrases that you will be guaranteed to hear when watching television or surfing the internet. It's going on two months since the official quarantine orders were enforced for safety from the COVID-19 virus. Now that things seem to be plateauing with the number of new cases, we are facing an entirely different problem. This current issue that we all face is keeping busy to avoid cabin fever. This may not seem to be a serious issue, but there are several benefits of getting a dose of vitamin D daily.

  • If you are changing your lifestyle and wanting to lose weight, calcium paired with vitamin D can help you lose more weight. and prevent heart disease. 
  • Reduces your risk of heart disease and multiple sclerosis.
  • It regulates your mood, decreasing the effects of depression and anxiety

As you can see, getting a little sunshine while maintaining social distancing can do wonders. Here are ten ways to kick the cabin fever and stay safe:

1. Have a picnic. Pull out the blanket, put together a charcuterie board, and pair it with a nice bottle of wine. Enjoy with a friend or plan ahead for a date. Either way, picnics are a great way to get out of the house and relish the simple things in life.

2. Get in touch with your artsy side. Even if you're not a natural Picasso, you can still benefit from some art therapy outside. Use the backyard as an inspiration to capture the scenery. Grab your canvases, sketchpad, or any other medium with you for this activity. 

3. Set up a tent with some sleeping bags for your own backyard camping trip. Roast marshmallows, indulge in campfire stories, and enjoy the company of your family. Even better, you can skip the outdoor bathroom trips with the convenience of your indoor restrooms a few feet away.

4. Plot out a part of your yard for your very own garden. No yard to grow plants? No problem. Urban gardening is becoming increasingly popular within cities around the country. Whether you have all the room or just a porch, you can still grow a variety of fruits and vegetables with these resources. How cool is it to go outside and pick your own lettuce and tomatoes that go into your salads?

5. Have a jam session underneath the stars. Grab a guitar and a few willing backup singers and you've got your own acoustic concert. 

6. Think like a kid again. Almost all of the games you played growing up are activities that follow the 6-foot rule. Baseball, frisbee, corn hole, volleyball, scavenger hunts...the list goes on. These are great ways to stay active and safe at the same time. 

7. If you're into astronomy, pick up a telescope if you already own one, and learn about the constellations and planets. Research the next time a meteor shower is coming through and enjoy the celestial show.

8. Go for a bike ride throughout the neighborhood. Ride by the landmarks that make your town special. Try a route you never take.

9. Make a photo album. Put those photography skills to use and capture the beauty in everyday things. See what the sunset looks like in black and white. Gather the family together and take pictures to send to your loved ones during this time. 

10. Meditate during the sunrise and sunset. Find a peaceful place outside and play music or guided meditations as the sun shifts. Think about what you are grateful for every day.