Diamond and Mushroom-Shaped Hanging Glass Flower Vase Planter

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Diamond and Mushroom-Shaped Hanging Glass Flower Vase Planter 

Hang your glass vases in the bedroom, living room, corridor, office, or anywhere your heart desires!

Beautify and purify your home with these nature-inspired decorations fitting for rooms and spaces.

Light and high-temperature resistant

A wide hole on side of the vase allows for an easy-to-pour outlet to water plants or insert new plants.

There is also a hole for you to hang each vase with any medium of your choice.

You can insert little flowers into this vase to decorate your house or office.

Change the water regularly for ideal growth.

Add decorative rocks, pebbles, beads, sand, etc. to each vase for a more eye-catching look.

Grow some small aquatic plants in the crystal flower vase and hang them outside of the window.



Color: Transparent color

Material: High borosilicate glass

Shape: Diamond and Mushroom 

Size: 3.54 in x 5.51in/9 cm x14 cm (Diameter x Height)



1 X Glass Vase With String (not include the plants or flowers inner)


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